Oct 13, 2014

Hugging humanity

It has been MORE THAN A YEAR since I have written! Good golly! Might have to knock some cobwebs off of my brain cells to make this happen...

Alright, people. I'm over it. Closets are exploding. Things are not fitting on shelves. I'm running out of space ... in my 2400 SF home! It's embarrassing. Too.much.crapola. I'm taking matters in to my own hands... via this blog. There's no series name (Clutter Freedom) or time line (in the next 30 days...). We're just going to do this a little at a time. When I post, we attack. When I don't, we relax. Mmmmkay? And though I want you to think I'm doing this for you, it's really all about me. (Kidding!) But seriously, I need some accountability.

Here's the deal: YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO LET GO OF THE CRAPOLA. Release it from your grip. It's stuff. You cannot take it with you. You will leave this earth and it will not. And, trust me, your grandchildren do not want to inherit your silk flower collection. They DON'T!

For the record, this is not going to be some fancy-pants Pinterest-inspired closet clean out. I'm on a budget and never feel poorer than I do at the Container Store. (A little slice of Heaven, in my opinion, but completely NOT #daveramseyapproved.) We're going to employ the theory of "use what you've got." A much needed [fill in the blank] storage device is NOT an excuse to get out of the task of the day!

Okay. You ready? This is happening. Right now.

COAT CLOSETS! We have two. Front door. Back door. Both host seventeen coats for The Husband. He has a serious coat problem. We're working through it, and attempting to save our marriage. (Kidding again!) Actually, I'm totally cheating because I've already done our coat closets, but have you? We had snow bibs that fit no one... Boots that were two sizes too small... Eight hats for The Boy. EIGHT?!? That's stupid.

Now is a GREAT time to DONATE YOUR COATS, hats, mittens, scarves, boots, etc! Churches, Salvation Army, homeless shelters... there are people that are COLD alllllll winter long. Think of the giant hug your third black coat could give to someone else.

So, get to it, people. Coats. What do you NEED? How many is enough? One in every color for each occasion? ("But I LOVE my black church coat AND my brown church coat... THAT one goes with my grey ski pants, and THIS one goes with my purple ski pants!") Why are we killing ourselves to have a coat in every color for every member of our family for every occasion. Can I challenge you to three coats or less per family member. For us that's still FIFTEEN coats. Still way too many. Yikes.

Lets do this. Lets hug humanity with our excess.