Apr 21, 2012

Just call me Alice (In Wonderland)...

I've never seen "Alice in Wonderland" all the way through. All I know is that it's kind of freaky and a rabbit sings a song about being late. Somewhere in there, however, I think there's something about a tea party?

Anyway, I was slightly pumped when I was asked to host a table at the Ladies of Grace Church spring tea. Not only do I have a ton of my grandmother's entertaining pieces, but it's only about the fifth time I've used our wedding china! I also thought it would be a great opportunity to use some of my Pinterest "pins," but that wasn't necessary. My dear, creative friend-- the other SRG-- was the brainpower behind this work of art. We decided on a yellow/green/black color scheme-- which stemmed from the idea of a lemon centerpiece, with hints of lime.

We started by getting all options out on the table...

For "placemats" there were plenty of ideas. Chargers were $2 each at Hobby Lobby. Tempting, but I decided on scrapbook paper which was half off of $0.59.
Now... how to make it not look like scrapbook paper...
Next came the favors... yellow watering cans from Dollar Tree, pens and coordinating Post-It notes from the Target Dollar Spot, and green M&M's from the South Bend Chocolate Cafe.

Now for the centerpiece. It started off catastrophic as I realized that lemons don't stack. (Duh!) They also don't hold together with Scotch tape (FYI). However, if you ever need to stack lemons,
employ the ever-helpful toothpick!
The lovely black and white plate is actually the cake plate from our wedding, which my sweet sister made for us almost seven years ago!

And now to piece it all together...

And, incase you're curious, here's what the other tables look like. So fun!

 Wouldn't you know... I AM late for a very important date! BEDTIME!

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