Nov 5, 2012

Shaking = Strength

Superman planks. Lunges & bicep curls. Dips. Wall sits... for 60 whole seconds. It didn't seem bad... and then the shaking started... and then Coach Cindy came and sat on my shaking legs.

"C'mon LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shaking equals strength!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Coach Cindy has a way of saying things that make you want to hug her and punch her at the same time. But what she said this morning had me thinking something all together different.

Shaking = strength.

What makes you shake? This morning, for me, it was wall sits. Physical.
What about mental shakes? Getting ready to tell your children about your cancer diagnosis? Mental.
Stressed over a new job? Emotional.
Running out of steam to fully-commit to the year-long ministry you're engaged in? Spiritual.

This mornings comment by Coach Cindy really had me thinking. (Good thing, because thinking about the burpees you're doing while you're doing them is really awful!)

We must be shaken to show God's strength.

Sitting on the couch watching TV all night? No prob.
Eating every single item offered at the tailgate on Saturday? Gladly.
Going through the entire day without ever hugging your spouse? Easy enough.


I think of Noah-- probably because we're studying the flood right now in BSF. His neighbors must have thought he was nuts. Hauling huge cypress trees out of the woods with his sons to build a gigantic boat? Nutso. I see physical shakes (heavy trees) and emotional shakes (being made fun of.) Where was his strength? God's promise! (Genesis 6:9-22)

How about little David and Goliath the giant? David had to have some shakin' going on. "What was I thinking?" One. Little. Rock. One BIG God. Strength. (1 Samuel 17: 48-50)

So how is God shaking you? Where are you going for strength? Are you volunteering for every organization on the planet, and yet getting no help of your own? Are you trying to break a bad habit, without asking for help?

2 Corinthians 12:9 "For my power is made perfect in weakness."

He needs us weak, so He can show just how strong He is. We shake, so He can show his strength.

So go on, get out there. Let God shake you up a bit. Then let Him show HIS strength through you... your circumstances, your life, your RESPONSE to Him.

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  1. Just came over here to read this based on Cindy's recommendation (on fb). Great post! I'm in a workout group that does so many similar things (planks, wall sits, burpess, squats,etc.) so I can totally relate on that level. LOVE how you related it to our spiritual lives (and emotional, too!). Good stuff!