Dec 1, 2011

Christmas Countdown

We are doing all sorts of Christmas countdowns, but I think this is The Girl's favorite.

Last year, my neighbor, Kim, told me that she wrapped 25 books for her daughter and let her open one every night before bed. Brilliant! Unfortunately, I learned about this cute little tradition on about December 21, 2010... just a smidge too late. However, I made a mental note, and as I packed up all of our Christmas decor last year, I also packed away as many Christmas books I could find in our collection. I think there were about eleven.

As we pulled out the boxes of Christmas decorations, the original eleven were there. I had The Hubby comb our bookshelves one more time, and he dug up another eleven that we must have inherited this past year. Perfect! Twenty- two books! After a quick stop at Dollar Tree for the last two, our 24 books were wrapped and tucked into a shoebox.

Our little bookworm could barely stand the anticipation.

I think the key to this is packing away all the books with the rest of the Christmas decor. Not only does that make it super easy to find them and get them all wrapped by December 1st, but it also gives the child(ren) 12 months to forget about them!

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