Dec 20, 2011

Day Twenty: Make a Birthday Cake for Jesus

Today's advent adventure was a BIG hit with The Girl. We are way into treats, and way into birthdays, so a birthday cake for Jesus was VERY exciting!

I decided to keep it real and go with the box mix in my pantry. No time to get all Martha Stewart...
 I did thoroughly enjoy premeasuring all of the ingredients and letting The Girl put it together as if she was on some sort of cooking show....

 Okay... so there were a few times I had to step in and assist. Lets get serious... she's still shy of 3.5!

I have a beautiful recipe/direction for a very heart-felt, Biblical birthday cake for Jesus "experience" but I didn't adequately prep, nor did I have the funds to go buy the necessary supplies. So, we kept it very simple:

1) Round cake pan: It has no end. Gods love for us is never-ending. He sent his only Son!
2) Yellow cake #1: God is light (yellow). He created a perfect, sin-free world.
3) Dark chocolate middle layer of icing: We are sinners. We messed up God's perfect, sin-free world. Our sin is icky, dirty, dark...
4) Yellow cake #2: Jesus is light (yellow). He and God are the same person. He came to earth and covered our sins! By his blood we are free!

Then, I was explicitly clear that the fun story ended... and I put the top layer of chocolate icing on ;)

We'll go deeper next year...

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