Feb 16, 2012

Chocolate Lovin'

I put these lovely little numbers together for my MOPS table Mama's... "Grove's Gals." I get to spend 2 Thursday mornings each month with these ladies, sharing Mama joys and horrors. I'm so thankful to them for making me feel more and more normal.

My goal was something inexpensive and cute, and involving chocolate. So, Pinterest gave me this:

You need: Hershey's chocolate nuggets, scrapbook paper (but I found Valentine's themed lunch-sacks at Dollar Tree), letter stickers, index cards and cellophane bags.

1. Cut strips of paper to wrap the Hershey's nuggets.

 2. Wrap the nuggets, keeping the paper in place with some scotch tape.

3. Place the letters on each piece of chocolate.
4. Using scotch tape, adhere the "lettered" chocolate nuggets to the index cards
(to hold them in place.)

5. Slip the chocolate name pieces into cellophane bags.

6. Admire your handiwork. Find a cute bowl or platter and place creations in as a centerpiece until the day comes that you give them away!

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