Jan 10, 2012

The Big 3-0!

Though I'm always bummed when Christmas is over... and I despise the task of dedecorating the house (almost as much as I despise changing a crib sheet with a crib bumper!)... January and February bring lots of great things: new year/fresh start, snow (but not this year, which is just bizarre), and MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

I'll be honest, I love my birthday. I don't care what I do, or where I go, or even if I "get" anything. I don't care that I'm one year "older." We don't even have any "traditions" that must be carried forward. What I love is that on that day I hear from both of my parents and my siblings (usually in the form of a musical voicemail recording), I hear from many of my dear friends, and I get bombarded with love on Facebook. It's pretty great.

This year is a big one. It's the end of an era... or a decade. I've been reflecting these past few days on allllll that has happened in the last 10 years, and there has been a lot! (That will come in a later post...)

This fall I surprised The Hubby with a joint birthday AND anniversary celebratory getaway. He had NO idea. He thought we were going camping, and we ended up with our toes in the sand in FL. Oh yeah. Pulled the wool right over his eyes!

...but now it's my turn. My hubby is taking me somewhere (he knows I'm anal enough that he had to give me some details- all I know is the dates we'll be gone- so I can pack up the kids, not plan meals for that time period, etc.) but he's giving me precious little beyond that--- or so I thought.

Two nights ago he handed me a piece of paper. "From now until we leave, you're getting one clue a day." I. LOVE. THIS. MAN. That's food for my soul. It's fun. It's secretive. It's adventurous.

I open the folded paper one crease at a time... and what do I read?
Jan. 8: "On the road again..."

Really? That's just brutal. Cruel. It gives me NOTHING! Ugh.

Next one is a bit more helpful...
Jan. 9: "Head West, but you won't need your cowgirl clothes."

Hmmmm.... so many ideas are swirling in my brain. I can't wait. I'm so so SO excited!

I love birthdays. And I really love birthday surprises.
17 more days...

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  1. How fun!! Doesn't sound like you need those cards :)