Jan 16, 2012

Fine, I'll do it.

Confession: I really don't like to clean.

I love the way my house feels and smells and looks once it IS clean, but the act of cleaning ... ugh. I can think of 8,467 things I'd rather be doing. Now that I sit and think about it, this same set of emotions washes over me when it comes to working out, too! Hmm.

Anyway, back to cleaning. I am an organization nut. Everything in our home has a place. New items in our home (ie. recently aquired Christmas gifts) have 3 options: find a place, replace something else, or get donated.) This can prove to be quite challenge seeing that I share this dwelling with a 3.5 year old, 9 month old, and The Hubby. I'm not into feng shui or anything, but I like order in our world! Now, everything-- in it's appropriate place-- may have an inch of dust on it (I wish I was exaggerating...) but at least it's put away, and "looks" clean.

In an effort to keep on top of this monsterous task, I took some time to make a cleaning list. Pinterest gave me plenty of ideas. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Kids tasks. Hubby tasks. It went on and on and on. I took some of "their" ideas, but ultimately decided on this:

1. My kids are too young to "clean" ... for now. Don't get me wrong. The Girl has to help straighten her room every night... and gets to take a few swipes of the vacuum now and then... but much more than this and she becomes yet another obstacle in my cleaning debacle.
2. The Hubby works full time. And, though he's more than willing to do his share, I let him bring home the bacon and care for everything we own outside of the walls of our home (ie. yard, cars, etc.) And, to be brutally honest, my perfectionism would find a way to criticize his helpfulness. I know, I have issues.
3. Not everything in our home needs to be cleaned daily, or weekly. So, a two week schedule seems to be a good fit. There are some things that need to be done every week, so you'll notice they're on both lists.
4. Organizing my list down to the day seems impracticle and lacking in Grace. By making a "week one" and "week two" schedule, I have seven full days to get everything done. If I get it all done on Sunday, great. If it's a last minute push on Friday, no problem!
5. My friends are cleaning fools. Some of them clean their kitchen floor, daily. I refuse to put such pressure on myself! :) I figure it's something to aspire to! If nothing else, I at least try and do my floors before they come for a play date. Wouldn't want them to gag or anything!

Week One:

   Our laundry

   Clean toilets

   Kitchen counters

   Empty trash, recycle bin

   Clean glass (incld bath mirrors)

   Dust bedrooms

   Vac/ mop kitchen & foyer floor

   Vacuum stairways & bedrooms

   Wipe out microwave

   Scrub tub/shower/vanities

   Mop bathroom floors

   Change our sheets

   Change kids sheets

   Meal plan & Grocery list

   Sweep front porch

Week Two:

   Kids laundry

   Clean toilets

   Kitchen counters

   Empty trash, recycle bin

   Windex doors

   Dust 1st Floor

   Vac & mop kitchen & foyer floor

   Vacuum stairways & 1st floor

   Wipe appliance exteriors

   Scrub kitchen trash can

   Change our sheets

   Meal plan & Grocery list

   Sweep back porch

I have monthly, quarterly, and annual lists, too, but I'll save those for later. For now, I'm on to one of the other 8,466 distractions...

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