Mar 22, 2012

Easter Rocks

Once upon a time, in a land very much like our back yard, there lived some rocks. They weren't fancy rocks, just your average, likely-to-be-found-by-your-three-year-old-in-your-neighbors-landscaping rocks. One by one, said rocks appeared in our back yard, where The Hubby could easily run over them with the lawn mower and injure himself... or say things he would later regret.

There also happened to be a surplus of paints, a sleeping Boy, some beautiful weather, and a Mama and Girlie with cabin fever.

"Daughter!" said the Mama. "I have a wonderful craft idea!"
"Really!?!" said The Girl, with her eyes full of wonderment.
"Yes," said the Mama. "Lets paint those rocks!"
"Mama," said The Girl disappointedly, "those are my EGGS!"
"Ah yes," said the Mama, "I meant the eggs. Lets paint those EGGS to look like... Easter eggs!"
"Ohhhhh Mama," exclaimed The Girl in her high-pitched, excited voice. "Can we? CAN we? CAN WE NOW??"
"Lets do it," said the Mama.

One at a time, the "eggs" were painted. Lovingly they were stroked with paint soaked brushes and dotted with pastel-colored cotton swabs. They were born. (What did she just say?) Yes, born. And, as soon as they all "came to life" The Girl sang "Happy Birthday" to every. last. one of them.
"Happy Birthday dear yellow striped egg..."
"Happy Birthday dear polka dot egg..."
"Happy Birthday dear purple egg..."

And then, after the bunny sat on them for a few days (so they could "hatch," of course!), they got to serve The Mama's intended purpose. As a free (thanks to the neighbors), lovely centerpiece.

The End.

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