Mar 10, 2012

A new twist on an old favorite...

I'm a big fan of t-shirt scarves for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the variety in which you can make them (see what I just did there?). Well, my sister-in-law whipped up a whole new version for The Girl for Christmas, and I finally had a chance to attempt it for myself. SO easy. SO cute!

It all started on Thursday evening when some friends and I went down to Hope Ministries to teach the ladies there how to whip up these guys. Discovery of the night: Tie-Dyed t-shirts make some sweet-looking scarves!

This gal is a big ND fan so she opted to make a gold and blue one, too!

1). Do steps 1-7 on this tutorial. (That will take you about 10 minutes.) Then...
2). Coil the string/loops around your wrist until...

3). end up with little piles like this. (You can do all one color, but I liked the varying shades.)

4). Cut a 2-3 inch section of one of the loops to use as your "tie."

5). Tie two coils together with a simple double-knot.

6). And then I cut off the excess...

7). And continue on until it's the length you desire.

8). Adorable re-purposing of all. those. t-shirts.

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