Nov 28, 2011

T-shirt Scarf

*Editors Note: Sisters and female cousins that are like a sister, you will likely see this under the tree with your name on it. Sorry to spoil the fun, but I had to share the love for any others looking for some inexpensive gifting options!

So here's the deal: The Christmas fund never got funded. Boo. For. Me.

That being said, I have found some super fun, FREE, Christmas gifts to craft! (Thank you, Pinterest, and my crafty/thrifty friends!) This one I love for many reasons, not the least of which is: 1) It's FREE (Did I mention that already?); 2) It's easy; and 3) It gets rid of some of the "abundance" in our home.

In an effort to put my "wordiness" at bay, I took as many photos as I could while I was whippin' up this little fella.

Side note: Why I put this together on my stove, I have no idea. There are about 1,462 other place in my home that would have worked just as well, but this is where I ended up. So, when you see the stove top coils in the background of photos, think nothing of it. Heat is not a crucial element of this project ;)

You ready?

Here we go!

You need:
a t-shirt you're ready to part with (that might be the hardest part of this craft)
a pair of scissors

1. Flatten out the t-shirt

2. Cut the bottom hem off, and throw it away.

3. Cut the t-shirt in to strip/loops about a 1/2 inch. Variety in width is good. Spice it up!

4. Cut all the way up to the old 'pits. Then stop.

5. Gather three or four strip/loops in your hand.

6. Stretch those babies out! I mean, STREEEEEEEEETCH! Work your triceps. Give the toes a little point-n-flex action. STREEEEEEEETCH.

7. They will naturally coil themselves up and look like this. You might have to pull them apart from one another.

8. Gather all of the strip/loops that have been stretched.

9. Cut off a sleeve.

10. Cut a strip/loop from the sleeve section. Then, cut it open (so it's no longer a "loop.)

 11. Stretch the sleeve strip like you did all the others (see step 6). It will now become the piece that ties all of the strip/loops together. You can do this anyway you choose, but the next several photos show how I did it.




12. And there you have it! Depending on the size of t-shirt you used, it may loop once, twice or even three times. 

There are lots of cute variations you can do too.
-Do a few different colored t-shirts at a time and have a multi-colored scarf.
-Braid some of the "loops" and mix in some braids.
-Add some beads.

The varietes are endless.

Oh, and when it's time to wash it, I'd reccommend a lingerie bag. Otherwise, you've just created your newest mophead.

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