Nov 21, 2011

Her tree

This weekend we did something we've NEVER done before: decorated our house for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I know, I know. It goes against everything I believe in, too! However, we had the TIME, the energy, a 7-month-old taking a killer nap, and knowledge of a crazy-busy weekend next week. So... all signs pointed to: DO it. Take the insults that will surely be hurled ;)

One of my favorite memories of Christmas is the extremes that my parents went through to decorate our home and make it look "Christmas-y." I don't have grand memories of us all gathering around to decorate the Chrismtas tree and drink hot cocoa. My memories involve going to bed in our same old house, and waking up to a red and green Santa's Toyshop-esque Winter Wonderland. It. Was. Awesome.

Among many other things, my mom put up a Christmas tree in every room of our house-- including the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom.

As we (rather, The Hubby) brought up box upon box of Chrismtas decor, I saw the little tree I inherited from my Grandma's Christmas collection when we moved her into an assisted living facility this fall. PERFECT!

It's now The Girl's tree, and we decorated it just like the tree that was in the bathroom my sister and I shared for so many Decembers...

...with hairbows.

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  1. I won't judge because Jake and i Put our tree up Yesterday! I never usually do that but we're just going to be too busy after. :-P ALSO I had to chuckle because growing up my mom always went ALL out for Christmas decorations. Our house transformed into a new house. AND i remember her having a tree in EVERY room (or pretty close). :-)